1.  Interpreted literally: The doctrine of perception and of sensually viewing.
2. Scientifically defined as the study of sensory or sensori-emotional values.


So, all can be aesthetic - the Beauty, the Ugly, the Pleasant and also the Embarassing.


“I can become attached of what I see" - Sonja Bell born July 22, 1976 is an aesthete. She has the special view to things an she shows it in her phototographs.


The daughter of André Bell (a french multifacided concert- and visual artist) started to train as an advertising photographer and founded 2003 her own business in Baden-Baden / Germany.  2012 she realised with "Natur im Zwielicht / Nature twilighed" her first artprojekt and exhibited 2013 succesfully in Italy.


Motivated by that "starting shot" she photographed "SchönwarsLotte" and several other works seen in "Artwork".


"Photographing feels like hunting – people, things and especially moments are immortolized instead of gettting killed." (Sonja Bell 2014)